What is MIDI, anyway?

MIDI is basically a standard way for various electronic musical instruments to interact with each other. For example, if you have a MIDI-capable keyboard, you can connect it to a drum machine and trigger the drum sounds using the keyboard. You could even connect up two or more keyboards and play them all simultaneously.

MIDI files transferred over the internet work just the opposite of digital audio--a tune which takes just a few seconds to download will play for several minutes.

The bottom line is that MIDI sequences sound much better on high-end, wavetable cards. If you are buying a new sound card, make sure it is a wavetable one.

However,, ,our friend Shwan Esho Odisho says,

You can get wave tabel quality sound even if you have a cheap normal sound card by using what so called software wave tabel it gives a realy very good quality sound.The program is called WIN GROVE and it is only in one dissket the catch is that you need a lettel fast CPU.

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