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Chicago Lecture:  Ivories from the Northwest Palace at Nimrud

lemens Reichel, PH.D.
Research Associate
Oriental Institute

Dr. Georgina Herrmann
Institute of Archaeology (London)
British School of Archaeology in Iraq

Dr. Herrmann is among the leading experts on ivories from the Neo-Assyrian period and editor of the Nimrud Ivories Project. She has authored and co-authored three volumes on ivory furniture and fixtures from Fort Shalmaneser in the series "Ivories from Nimrud" and published numerous articles on ivory styles and "schools," trying to delineate the geographic and cultural origins of these artifacts. In this workshop she will introduce and discuss the ivories from the Northwest Palace of Assunasirpal II at Nimrud, which to present day have largely remained unpublished.

Friday 1 April , 2005 at 2 p.m.

LaSalle Room
Oriental Institute
1155 E 58th St.
Chicago IL 60637

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