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Christian Assyrians face Oppression and Murder in Iraq with the Rise of Islamists and Kurdish Power

Complied by Fred Aprim

In the last 18 months, violence against, attacks on, and cold blood murder of Assyrian Christians have increased with the rise of Islamists groups. Furthermore, oppression and marginalization of Assyrians in north of Iraq has taken new phase with the rise of Kurdish power in Iraq.
Below is a list of such oppression and murder by year. This is only reflects the reported acts of course. Much other violence acts and murder are not reported by the various media outlets or have not come to our attention for one reason or another.


* April 10, 2003 (Kirkuk) Hazim Petrus Damman, a chemical engineer, killed during Kurdish raid issue 4/28/2004

July 17, 2003 (Baghdad) Husam George Tobeya, 31 years old, married and had one son. He was shot dead at a gas station in Baghdad. Consequently, his wife left Iraq. She and her son are currently in Jordan waiting to immigrate to the United States.
(Information received through relatives in the U.S.)

* July 19, 2003 (Mosul) A 16 year old girl, Hilda Zuhair Istifan, was kidnapped in front of her home in the Muthana district of Mosul. The kidnapping was conducted by Muhamad Thiya Al-din Jasim, a cousin of Saddam Hussain, and the son of high ranking army official in Saddam's army. Muhamad's unlce was the director of Saddam terrorist army group, Fida'yeen Saddam.

* August 19, 2003 (Tikrit) Nadan Yonadam of Modesto, killed while working with the U.S. Army as a civilian translator. issue 9/1/2003

* October 3, 2003 (Khaldiya) Napoleon and his son killed in front of their home issue 10/6/2003 (Associated Press, 3 October)

* October 7, 2003 (Mosul) Safa Sabah Khoshi killed (and his cousin Mr. Meyaser Karim Khoshi critically injured) when his liquor store was attacked by RPG grenade.
* October 12, 2003 (Falluja) Danny Isaac and William Cesar killed in front of their homes issue 10/20/2003

* October 20, 2003 (Kirkuk) Zinda Magazine reports that a rocket-propelled grenade hit the office of the Assyrian Democratic Movement in Kirkuk on Sunday. Jevan Jerges, 29 was injured in the attack.

* November 4, 2003 (Mosul) Ismail Yousif Sadeq, an Assyrian judge, shot dead outside his home issue 11/3/2003

* November 18, 2003 (Basra) Sargon Nano, the Assyrian Democratic Movement (Zowaa) representative in Basra, killed issue 11/17/2003

* November 20, 2003 (Mosul) Bombs have been discovered and leaflets found demanding that Christian students become Muslims or face death at schools in Baghdad and Mosul (northern Iraq) (ASSIST News Service) (

* December 24, 2003 (Basra) Bashir Toma Elias, killed by a single shot to the head.
(Rueters) issue 12/29/2003

* December 2003 (North of Iraq) ChaldoAssyrian Student Union boycotts elections due to unfair and oppressive acts by Kurdish groups. issue 12/29/2003

* December 2003 (Basra) Assyrians leaving Basra due to terror and killings. (


* January 21, 2004 (Falluja/Ramadi) Four women were killed and the other five were injured. The victims, who were Armenian or Assyrian Christians, worked at a nearby U.S. military base in Habbaniyah. The women worked in the laundry. (Associated Press)
* January 22, 04 terrorists attacked Elishwa (Alicia) Bedel Naser
(Assyrian Star magazine Winter 2003 issue.)
* January 24, 2004 (Telkepeh) The attempted assassination of the mayor of the Telkepeh district (north Iraq), which includes several Chaldo-Assyrian villages. Mayor Wathah Gorgis was in his car returning from Mosul after meeting with the governor of Nineveh when his car was meet with sprays of bullets near the dentistry college of Mosul. The district Mayor lives in the village of Telkepeh which has had its Christian population drop from 98% to 50% with 4 mosques built in and a fifth underway. (
* January 25, 2004: Bahra Newspaper reports that Dr. Sarmad Samee was shot in Basra. (
* February 11, 2004 (Mosul) The Associated Press reports that Gunmen firing from a car attacked an office of the Assyrian Democratic Party in Mosul, injuring one security guard, according to party member Napoleon Fatou.

* February 17, 2004 (Ankawa) Oppression of Kurds
Members of the ##### Students Union are indulging in activities that do not reflect democratic practices. On February 17, 2004 at the Ankawa Boys High School, a group of students from the ##### Students Union entered classes against all rules and regulations and while classes were in session and distributed applications to student to join the ##### Students Union. The ChaldoAssyrian Students and Youth Union protests such inappropriate, illegal, and unfair activities that interfere with the students' studies.

* March 17, 2004 (Baghdad) Assyrian family dead and others wounded after bomb attack:
1. Marta Eskharia (mother)
2. Odisho (father)
3. Farid (son)
4. Zaia (son)
5. The older daughter, Shmoni, survived as she was in Dohuk. Her daughter severely wounded.
Wife of Farid is also severely wounded.

* March 22, 2004 (Baghdad) Zinda Magazine reports that Assyrian Elderly couple, Ameejon Barama and his wife Jewded were brutally murdered in their own home by Militants in the town of Dora, near Baghdad, Iraq. The husband's throat was slashed and the wife was struck repeatedly to the head. (

* March 26, 2004 (Kirkuk) Lieutenant Romeo Esha David, a member of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, was killed in his home. (issue 3/29/2004)

* April 4, 2004 (Miqdadiya) Emad Mikha of Detroit, killed while working with the U.S. Army as a civilian translator (issue 4/12/2004) (from Detroit Free Press, 4/13/2004)

* May 2004 (Baghdad) Nahrain Yonaan, blinded and her face a battlefield of wounds, from a drive-by attack and bombing (issue 5/24/2004) (From Los Angeles Times, 5/21/2004)

* May 28, 2004 (Baghdad) Ashor Goriel Yalda killed in his car with a grenade while on his way to work.

* June 2, 2004 (Baghdad) Faraj Moshe Markhai, kidnapped and then killed on 6/4/2004

* June 7, 2004 (Dora, Baghdad) Drive-by shooting results in the death of four Assyrians and two Armenians:
1. Esho Nisan Marqos
2. Ramziya Enwiya Youkhanna
3. Duraid Sabri Hanna
4. Alice Aramayis
5. Aaida Bedros Boughos
6. Munah Jalal Karim (issue 14 June 2004)

* June 10, 2004 (Baghdad) Janan Joseph, an Assyrian Christian, was shot and killed inside his home in al-Mansour quarters along with ten more Christians in the quarter.

* June 16, 2004 (Sulaymaniya)
Edmond Anwar (Sulaymaniya) Lost a lot of money and merchandize when his alcohol and cigarette shop was robbed.

* June 20, 2004 (Mosul)
Raymond Farouq Shimun (a 22 years old and son of Farouq and Juliet) was slain by the forces of evil in Mosul. His head was partially cut and his hands and legs were smashed. There was signs or effects of knife on his body, which suggest that he was terrified and suffered before he died. His body was thrown in a cemetery (a valley outside the city), after he was kidnapped on June 17 (about 8:30 pm by five armed men not far from his home).

* June 23, 2004 (Basra)
Two Assyrian sisters, Janet and Shatha Sadah Odisho (Audishow), aged 38 and 25, were shot dead in a car while returning home from work in Basra. The two sisters worked for Bechtel, a U.S. company.

* June 26, 2004 (10:00 a.m.) Mosul. Two unidentified persons in a silver Opel throw a hand bomb at the Holy Spirit Church (al-Rooh al-Qudos) in the Akha' quarters in Mosul. The explosion caused injury to a women who is the sister of Fr. Ragheed, the church priest. She was taken to hospital.

* July 11, 2004 (Baghdad) Two Assyrian children from the Chaldean Catholic Church: Sami (6) and Rami (4) were killed in front of their home when rockets fell in their neighborhood in center of Baghdad.
London - Al - Sharq Al-Awsat Newspaper, July 11 / 2004

* July 11, 2004 (Baghdad) Terrorists entered an Assyrian Christian home while the parents were out and shot to death at point blank range Raneed Raad 16 and her sister Raphid 6. The Assyrian family has been threatened earlier; still, no measures were taken to protect it.

* July 2004 (Dohuk) Latest news from Iraq indicate that the Kurds and ##### Democratic Party (KDP) officials under Masuad Barazani are preventing Assyrians from moving back to their original homes in Dohuk, north of Iraq, with the situation in Baghdad not improving. Meanwhile, the Kurdish officials have allowed many Kurdish families from Qamishli, Syria to move into Dohuk. These foreign Kurdish families have crossed the Iraqi borders and the KDP has secured for them food, shelter and all means possible to assist them to settle. Furthermore, the Kurds and KDP are forcing Assyrians to raise Kurdish flags in certain Assyrian villages and on top of Assyrian offices and homes in others.

* July 17, 2004 (Mosul) An unidentified group using automatic weapons entered a pizza shop at the al-Zihoor quarters around 3:00 p.m., shot and killed Adeeb Aqrawi, an Assyrian young man, working at the shop.

* July 19, 2004 (Mosul) Sources stated that unidentified attackers equipped with automatic weapons attempted to kidnap an Assyrian man, Hani Yohanna Naoom (43) around 7:00 a.m. near his convenient shop on Dawasa Street, near the government building. The victim tried to escape from his kidnappers; he was shot and killed.

* July 22, 2004 (Dohuk) Masuad Barazani and the Kurdish officials of ##### Democratic Party (KDP) in Dohuk have been marginalizing the presence of Assyrians in the supposedly new democratic Iraq. This, the KDP had practiced since 1992. The KDP has used its influence to install its own people in most of the high and sensitive administrative positions in Dohuk province such as deputy governor, qaimaqams for qadhas, or mayors for villages despite the fact that the Assyrians make the second largest ethnic group in the said province and make a majority in certain of these villages. The KDP's most recently has prevented Assyrian groups and organizations such as the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM), ChaldoAssyrian Women Union and ChaldoAssyrian Student Union in Dohuk from being part of the special electoral committee and from nominating their representatives from this province (governorate). This special electoral committee is to participate in the Iraqi national conference planned for end of July 2004. This, the Kurds have done despite the fact the Assyrian Democratic Movement has been part of every opposition group meetings before the fall of Saddam, then was part of the Iraqi Governing Council and today is part of the Iraqi Cabinet and is part of the high commission that is setting the stage for the national conference. Worth mentioning that from this national conference, a temporary Iraqi national Assembly should be selected until the national elections are held in January 2005and a permanent assembly is elected. The KDP is in violation of all previous agreements and understanding reached upon by Iraqi opposition groups before and since the fall of the Ba'ath regime. Every political group, institution, tribes, segment of society and notables were to take part in the democratic political process in the new Iraq.
Assyrians in the Diaspora call upon the Iraqi President, Prime Minister, government agencies, the United Nations and world organizations to interfere and undo the Kurdish oppression, marginalization and trespassing against the Assyrians in north of Iraq.

* August 1, 2004 (Baghdad and Mosul). Five Assyrian (also known as Chaldeans and Suryan) and one Armenian Churches were bombed simultaneously in Baghdad and Mosul. Twelve Assyrians were killed and some 60 injured. The churches are:
1. Church Sayidat al-Najat (Our Lady of Salvation) - Karrada (Baghdad) - Syrian (Assyrian) Catholic Church
2. Church Sayidat al-Zohour (Our Lady of the Flowers) - Karrada (Baghdad) - Armenian Catholic Church
3. Sts. Peter & Paul - Doura, al-Meekanik quarters (Baghdad) – Chaldean Catholic Church Seminary
4. St. Paul Church - Center of Mosul
5. St. Elia - Ni'aayriyya oo Gayyara (New Baghdad) - Chaldean Catholic Church
6. St. Mary's Church in east Baghdad (car bomb disarmed by police)

*August 31, 2004 (Bartella). Three Assyrian girls were slaughtered in the Assyrian village of Bartella near Mosul while returing home from their work at a hospital in Mosul where they worked. Few days earlier, terrorists left CDs in the region filming the slaughter of two other Christians of the same town.

The three women are Tara Majeed Betros Al-Hadaya, Taghrid Abdul-Massih Ishaq Betros and her sister Hala Abdul-Massih Ishaq Betros.
The attack took place in the section between the Television area and the Kokajli area on the main road between Mosul and Bartilla. Also injured in the attack was another Assyrian woman, ‘Amera Nouh Sha'ana, who was also returning home to Bartilla and the Assyrian driver, Naji Betros Ishaq. The three female victims were in their twenties.

* September 1, 2004 (Baghdad). In the district of Karrada (Arkhita), a terrorist bomb exploded killing Mr. Gewargis Youaresh Nisan. A timebomb in the aforementioned district that is heavily populated by Assyrians setup the explosion.

* September 1, 2004 (Mosul). In a terrorist attack on the Governorate of Nineveh building, Mr. Nisan Sliyo Shmoel, of the Assyrian Patriotic Party was injured. Mr. Shmoel was taken to hospital where he was treated. Mr. Shmoel was released from the hospital after his treatment; however, the terrorists were awaiting his release and targeted him with an unmarked car (not carrying plate numbers), which they used to drive him over in front of the hospital entrance. Mr. Shmoel died immediately. Martyr Nisan Sliyo Shmoel was 43 years old. Mr. Shmoel is survived by his wife and six children, five daughters and one son, with the oldest being 15 years.

* September 2, 2004 (Mosul). In the al-Mayasa (al-Sa'aa) Christian district, Khaled Boulos (32) and his brother Hani Boulos (28), known also as the sons of Hasina, were murdered. The deceased Assyrian brothers were known for their patriotic stands in Mosul in defending and assisting other Assyrians. According to eyewitnesses, on September 2, at noon local time, a car carrying a group of armed terrorists pulled by the Boulos brothers, came out of the car, and began firing heavily at the two Assyrians, killing them instantly.

* September 10, 2004 (Baghdad) A bomb exploded at the Assyrian Anglican Church at al-Andalus Street in Baghdad. The explosion occurred during the night. No casualties were reported.

* September 10, 2004 (Mosul) On the eve of September 10, following the celebrations of Holy Cross day (Aida D'Sliwa), at approximately 11:30 P.M. a mortar attack was launched on the inhabitants of the Assyrian town of Bakhdeda, in the Qaraqosh, Hamdaniya District. Three of the many mortars fell on roofs of homes where several Assyrians were injured during their sleep. An accurate count has yet to be made, but it has been confirmed that a 13 year old child, Mark Louis Sheeto, was killed and his mother, Bushra Toma Sheeto, and his 8-year-old brother Bihnam Sheeto sustained serious injuries. This attack seems to be part of a string of attacks planned to drive the native Assyrians out of their homeland. Bakhdeda (the name was changed to Hamdaniya by the Saddam Regime as part of the Arabization process) was felt to be a prime target as it houses over 30,000 Assyrians and is at the heartland of the Assyrian region.

* September 11, 2004 (Baghdad) This evening, a car bomb exploded outside the Virgin Mary Seventh-Day Adventist Church in the Al-Sa‘doun Park in the center of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. According to eyewitnesses, it was difficult to know firsthand whether the explosion was an act of a suicide bomber or the car exploded by remote control. The explosion caused a great deal of damage to the church shattering glass windows, but harming no one, according to the priest and an Interior Ministry spokesman.

* September 2004 (Mosul) The beheading of two Assyrians: Raymond Farooq Shimun and Firas Hadi Potrus (b. 1978 and Mosul University graduate), was distributed through a CD in Mosul by an Islamic group calling itself the Salah al-Deen al-Ayoubi brigade. The CD did not indicate the date of the beheading.

It is worth mentioning that Salah al-Deen al-Ayoubi was a Kurd and reports from Iraq suggest that the group is Kurdish Islamist that is trying to force the Assyrians out of their ancestral lands.

* September 23, 2004 (Mosul) Threatening pamphlets were distributed in Mosul University and walls around campus carried threading messages to use acid solution to burn the faces of any girl who does not cover her face with the hijab (veil) as the university opened its door for the new school year. The pamphlets stressed that the threats are not directed at Moslem girls alone but Christians and Yezidis as well. Earlier, the faces of two Christian girls were burned with acid as they were attacked in the popular gold blacksmith market in Mosul. Christian and Yezidi girls are afraid of attending university this year; however, the university is promising protection.

* September 27, 2004 (Baghdad) At least nine Assyrians were killed and few others critically injured when a bus carrying employees of the Baghdad Hunting Club (Nadi al-Sayd) was attacked by unidentified armed men. The attack took place in early hours of Monday morning as the employees had left work and on their way home. Here are the names of the nine killed Assyrians:
'Aamer Nissan (b. 1968), 'Aadel Nissan (b. 1972), Amer Khoshaba (b. 1965), Emanuel Nissan (b. 1945), Maradona Emanuel (b. 1984), Na'aeem Gewargis (b. 1978), Bassam Elias (b. 1982), Rasim Elias (b. 1984), and Amir Shabo.
(Agence France Presse)

* October 4, 2004 (Mosul) Hazim Sako (Abu Sarmad) was transferred to a hospital when gunmen opened fire on him and his family. Sako owned a liquor store in the Assyrian populated Dawasa district in Mosul. He passed away soon after, meanwhile his family struggles for life in the hospital. We are awaiting for more details about the murder.

* October 5, 2004 (Mosul) The Christians of Ba'asheeqa and Bahzani, near Mosul in north of Iraq, were shocked this afternoon when they discovered Fadi's body. The 'Aaid Khidir Shamoon family was devastated as they witnessed the body of their 15-years-old son Fadi. Fadi's body was found burned after he was beheaded. Fadi was kidnapped while he was riding his bike, which his father has given to him as a present, in the 'Ain 'alaq orchards in Ba'asheeqa around 12:00 noon. His body was treated in the most barbaric way; he was mutilated, burned, and thrown in the Ba'asheeqa-Teez Kharab road in front of al-'Azzawi ranch.
Earlier, Ba'asheeqa mourned another son, Julian Afram Yacoub, 14-years-old, when he was hit in the head with a concrete block and then burned.
The murderers have been targeting innocent children, which are forcing many Christians and Yezidis to flee their homes and villages.

* Dr. Sanabel Noel Al-Tabakh, an Assyrian Christian, was killed in al-Wahda district of the city of Mosul on her way to work. (Awaiting further info)

* Taghreed Abd al-Masih Ishaq and her sister Hala, social service workers were killed in Mosul. They are residents and natives of the town of Bartilla, in the Nineveh Governorate. (Awaiting further info)

* Tara Majeed Putrus, social service worker was also shot in Mosul. (Awaiting further info)

* October 2004 (Baghdad) latest contacts with an anonymous Assyrian caller from Baghdad are confirming that Assyrian neighborhoods are getting fliers from anonymous people asking them to convert to Islam. In one instance, the flier urged the Assyrians to mark in the special boxes at the bottom of the flier whether they are converting to Sunni or Shi'aa Islamic sects. The anonymous caller had eight members in his family so he had to mark four shi'aa and four Sunni to avoid antagonizing either parties. Even though he did not convert to Islam, he had to respond to this flier as per the instructions. In other incidents, three Assyrian girls were murdered in Mechanic district in Baghdad for not wearing Hijab (Moslem veil) or for dressing improperly.

* On October 5, 2004 According to in Göttingen, the Secretary-General of the Society for Threatened Peoples, Tilman Zuelch who is presently in Iraq, stated that twenty ChaldoAssyrian Christians were killed in September of this year alone by Islamic terrorists and 80 since May 2003. Forty thousands have left Iraq already to Syria and Jordan. Furthermore, Christian families in central and southern Iraq have lost hope in being able to live in peace among the Arabs, said Zuelch.
* October 16, 2004 (Baghdad) In an apparently coordinated strike against Iraq's tiny Christian community, the church of Saint Joseph in the west of the Iraqi capital was hit at about 4:00 am (0100 GMT), the spokesman said. Twenty minutes later, another blast ripped through the streets at another Saint Joseph church, in Dora, southern Baghdad. After another 20 minutes, Saint Paul's church was struck in the same area. At 4:50 am, the Roman Catholic St. George church in the central district of Karrada was rocked by a blast and engulfed in flames, leaving the wood-built sanctuary completely charred. A fifth explosion occurred about an hour later at Saint Thomas church in Mansour, to the west. The violence resumed hours later when an artillery shell was fired into a car park between a hotel and Saint George's Anglican Church, witnesses and US soldiers said.

* October 16, 2004 (Mosul) 1500 ChaldoAssyrian Syriac students that attend Mosul University have decided not to attend university classes effective today. The students have been harassed repeatedly and have been receiving numerous threats from terrorists and Islamists who are taking advantage from the non-stability and management chaos at the university.

* October 20, 2004 (Mosul) The 18th Session of the Iraqi National Assembly addressed the escalating troubles in Mosul. Mr. Yonadam Kanna stated to the al-Sabah al-Jadeed (The New Morning) that what is happening in Mosul is alien to Iraqis. Many families have been slaughtered and killed. Additionally, Mosul University imposes strange and unreasonable customs on the students. Meanwhile, hundreds of families have abandoned the city of Mosul and moved to Dohuk and other neighboring towns.

* October 21, 2004 (Mosul) Mr. Yonadam Kanna, one of the ChaldoAssyrian representatives in the Iraqi National Assembly, exposed the unfair and chauvinistic acts against the minorities in Mosul, including the Christians, who live under harsh circumstances. In his interview with al-Hayat on October 21, 2004, Mr. Kanna exposed the unfair actions by the Mosul Municipal Office, which is selling lands that belongs to minorities and rent them to others. He asked the Iraqi government to lift infringes and oppression against the Christians, Shabak, and Yezidis due to the ethnic and religious injustice inflicted on these groups by past subsequent Iraqi governments.

* October 21, 2004 (Baghdad) Layla Elias Kakka Essa (aged 30s) lived peacefully in Baghdad. Economical hardship forced her to seek employment as an instant translator in the Assyrian quarters of Dora region in Baghdad to support her two very young children, Manar and Mina. She was killed in cold blood on Thursday October 21 while on her way back home after completing her tenth day of employment. The killer mercilessly emptied his bullets in her head.

* October 25, 2004 (Mosul) Four unidentified armed men tried to force themselves inside the home of Nasrin Shaba Murad, an Assyrian Christian woman, in the quarters of 17 July in Mosul. When Nasrin Shaba Murad, a housewife aged 42, tried to escape to her neighbor's home, the gunmen opened fire and killed her. Nasrin is a mother of three children. Her body was transferred to Sinjar where she was buried.

* October 30, 2004 (Mosul) Ma'an Yousuf, an Assyrian male, was confronted by three men (two masked and one unmasked). Yousuf was killed in his electrical supplies shop in Dawwasa street in Mosul at 7:30 p.m. when the unmasked attacker shot him with three bullets in his head and the three escaped in their car.

* November 2, 2004 (Baghdad) An unidentified group surprised and fired upon an Assyrian family in Dora, Meekanik quarters, south of Baghdad. 'Alaa' Andrawis (b. 1965), his wife Evelyn Malkizdaq, and their 10-years old son were shot at while in their car. Andrawis and his son were killed instantly, meanwhile, the mother was injured badly in her head and was transferred to a hospital where she is undergoing surgery. 'Alaa' Andrawis and Evelyn Malkizdaq had three children; the oldest is 12 years old. Fifteen days earlier, Andrawis's cousin, Yasmin Boodagh, and her daughter were killed in Dora by a bombed car. Additionally, beginning of this month, Sargon, son of the Assyrian poet and writer Odisho Malko, was kidnapped in Dora. The family had to give the kidnappers their private car and a certain amount of money as ransom to secure Sargon's release.

* November 4, 2004 (Falluja) Dr. Nadia Hanna Murqos was killed near Falluja while returning from Syria. Her husband and son were injured in the attack on their car.

* November 8, 2004 (Baghdad) Two bombs exploded outside two churches in southern Baghdad quarters of Dora. Three people were dead and around 40 to 50 injured. The news was reported in the afternoon by CBS, ABC, and by FOX NEWS at 3:05 with Brit Hume during his segment Special Report.
Read also
The first bomb went off near the Mar Giwargis (St. George) Church, the U.S. military said. Witnesses reported that 18 people were slightly injured in the explosion. The second car bomb detonated minutes later, less than a mile away, outside the St. Matthew Church, killing three people and wounding 34, said a policeman on the scene who declined to give his name.
Also reported by Daily Times, Reuters (NY), Los Angeles Times, and

* November 19, 2004 (Mosul) A mortar shell killed two Assyrian brothers of the town of Bartella. Muntadir As'aad Matti and Bashar As'aad Matti were killed while at work when the bomb fell on the shop they worked at in Mosul market.

* November 21, 2004 (Mosul) Sami Esho Khoshaba, aged 19, and a member of the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM), was a cadre in the al-Karkh Branch in Baghdad. He was shot and killed in Mosul, whilst on leave.

* November 21, 2004 (Baghdad) Essarhadon Elia al-Qas Oraham (born 1977) was killed near al-Mashriq Club in Camp Sara quarters around 8:00 p.m. Sunday night. The two killers attempted to steal his Ford car, which he used privately and sometimes as a taxi, however, he resisted and they shot him. He leaves behind a wife and a 2-years-young girl.

* November 30, 2004 (Salah al-Din) Sabih Mousa Abada (born 1949), married with five boys and three girls, was killed when a car bomb exploded on a side road in Baiji. Abada worked as a driver at Baiji refinery. He had stopped to assist a stalled school bus. Abada was a resident of the Assyrian town of Baghdeda.

* December 2, 2004 (Mosul) few days ago, Imad Jameel Younan (born 1975), married with two children, was confronted with criminals who murdered him and stole his private taxi. Younan was a resident of the Assyrian town of Baghdeda.

* December 2, 2004 (Mosul) The body of Laith Antar Khanno (29 years) of Baghdeda was found near Mosul Hospital in the al-Wahda quarters, east of Mosul. Khanno was kidnapped two weeks ago and the kidnappers asked first for a ransom of $1,000,000 then dropped the figure to $100,000; however, his family could not come up with this large amount of money to rescue Khanno. Khanno had worked for a foreign company in Baghdad and had traveled to Mosul to open a branch there. His body was found first and the head was found later at a distance. Khanno was married three years ago and had one daughter.

* December 7, 2004 (Mosul) Two churches, Al-Tahira, Chaldean Catholic Church, and one of the most beautiful churches in Mosul and another Armenian church that was under construction, were bombed in Mosul today. The first blast struck the al-Ttahira (meaning the pure, in reference to the Virgin Mary) Church about 2:30 p.m. in al-Shifa' neighborhood, eastern Mosul. Ten armed men stormed the church, planted explosives throughout it, and set the bombs off wounding three people and destroying most parts of it. An hour later, gunmen bombed in al-Wahda neighborhood, western Mosul, an Armenian church under construction. No casualties were reported there.,2933,140751,00.html

* December 8, 2004 (Ramadi) Dr. Ra'aad Augustine Qoryaqos, one of the notable Assyrians of Bartella, was murdered in Ramadi. A group of three terrorists stormed his clinic while he was checking on his patients. They shot him and left him bleed. An operation later failed to save his life. Dr. Qoryaqos leaves behind his wife and two children. Dr. Qoryaqos worked as a professor at the College of Medicine in al-Anbar University and was a successful surgeon.

* December 9, 2004 (Baghdad) Few days ago, two Assyrian Christians were kidnapped from their business place and then murdered by unidentified terrorist group. The two Christians owned a hall used for celebrations in Baghdad. The first victim is Fawzi Soorish Luqa of 'Ankawa (b. 1961). However, his partner's name is not been disclosed yet.

  Baghdad - Thursday, February 24, 2005.
As Pithyo Shimun Pithyo was leaving his house in Dora and heading to work, a car stopped next to his, masked and armed men stepped out, and began firing on him. Pithyo was hit in the head and chest and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Pithyo was born in 1946. He was a Civil Aviation Engineer; he completed his university education in the United States. He worked as the Head of Engineers in the Iraqi Airlines and was in charge of the Engineer's Union at the Iraqi Airlines. Bithyo was married and has one son. Funeral was performed on Friday, February 25, 2005 at St. Shmoni Church in Dora, Baghdad. His third will be commemorated at the St. Mary's Cathedral in al-Riyad Quarters, Kamp Sara on Sunday, February 27, 2005.

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